Silent MRI 1.5T

MRI Scan Centre in Ludhiana, Punjab


Our new Silent MRI 1.5T system enables the technicians to do the scans without any noise. This system has increased the quality of scans as the patients do not move during the scans. It uses the Acoustic Reduction Technology that compliances with 99% reduction in sound pressure. It utilises advanced neuroimaging applications like:

  • Non-Contrast/ASL identifies the risk of ischemia in acute stroke (diffusion-perfusion mismatch) Contrast perfusion in brain tumors
  • Susceptibility weighted imaging has multiple applications including identification and distinction of microhemorrhages and calcification
  • Small vessel assessment
  • MR spectroscopy for tumor imaging.

Silent MRI 1.5t For Increased Patient Comfort

  • Silent MRI produces sound closer to the level of ambient noise in a quiet room, with no compromise on image quality
  • Patients can expect a quieter and pleasant experience.
  • Up to 50% faster imaging with advanced Caipirinha, the next generation application.
  • SYNGO BLADE motion-sensitive imaging for excellent results even in non co-operative patients.
  • 3D-CISS for excellent visualization of fine structures like cranial nerves, inner ear, spine, etc.