What is the difference between MRI and Contrast MRI?

What is the difference between MRI and Contrast MRI?

Many people are suffering from different problems. Different types of tests are helpful to know about the different problems that can occur in your body. MRI is a type of scan that can create clear and detailed images of the situation of the organ inside the body. In this type of scan, magnetic and radio waves are used to create the images on the computer. It is also used for text neck diagnosis of cervical pain. To get a quality MRI, book an appointment with the best diagnostic centre in Ludhiana

What is the definition of MRI? 

MRI stands for Magnetic resonance imaging. The majority of people have heard about the MRI, which is an abbreviation. Radio Waves and powerful magnets are used to take the image from the depth of the human body. MRI images give you the correct and proper information about each and everything that is going on inside your body. An MRI report gives you appropriate information about your health conditions.  

What is the definition of Contrast MRI? 

Contrast MRI is used to improve the visibility of internal human body structures in magnetic resonance imaging. The most common compound for contrast enhancement is gadolinium. The paramagnetic metal ion is commonly used in contrast to MRIs because of the way it travels within the magnetic fields.

What is the use of contrast MRI? 

The contrast MRI is used to Assess MS, cancer diagnosis and image clarity. 

  • Assessing MS: The greatest way to track the progression of multiple sclerosis is contrast MRI. MRI scans have transformed the radiologist’s diagnosis of MS, and it is the primary method that doctors use to diagnose the condition. Also, to the exclusion of other techniques like CT Scans and MRI scans, the lesions appear quite distinctly. 
  • Cancer diagnosis: Many doctors and radiologists use MRI dye during the MRI exam to make parts of your soft tissue look more detailed, they can spot tumors better as they start growing. If you have a cancer that’s just beginning to grow, it can be more challenging for the radiologist to spot.  
  • Image clarity: The MRI scan with contrast works with specific parts of the soft tissues, helping the radiologist diagnose your condition. In particular, tumor growth or other developments are more straightforward for the radiologist to identify when using contrast with the MRI scan.

What are the advantages of the Contrast MRI? 

Contrast MRI is beneficial in different ways. 

  • Enhanced nature: The radiologist uses contrast during the MRI, and the doctor generally requires additional scans because of the improved quality of scans. 
  • Measuring and evaluating tumors: A contrast MRI is superior at measuring and assessing tumors. Adding contrast makes it possible for the radiologist to detect even the smallest tumor and provides information about the precise location of the tumour.
  • Better Scan: The radiologist can interpret an MRI contrast scan better since they have more clarity and generate better-quality images.
  • Cost Effective: MRI is a type of scan that gives you an idea about internal health. MRI Cost in Ludhiana is only 3500-7000 bucks. 

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