MRI Scans For Breast: What You Need To Know?

MRI Scans For Breast: What You Need To Know?

What Doctors Seek in Your Mammogram Results

An MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a medical imaging test technique. It is highly used for detecting diseases as it is non-invasive and produces detailed images of the body’s internal structure. It provides details about organs, muscles, bones and blood vessels. It uses radio waves and magnetic waves, which help to create detailed images of the body. An MRI scan is also used to detect abnormalities in the breast. A reputed Diagnostic centre in Ludhiana provides MRI scans for breast at affordable cost. 

MRI Scan For Breast

When your doctor suggests an MRI scan for the breast, it is usually done to diagnose and examine the breast tissues for abnormalities such as cysts, tumours, and similar changes. Doctors typically suggest MRI in conjunction with other imaging testing techniques such as mammography and ultrasounds to get a detailed evaluation of the breast. Doctors can recommend MRI scans, although it may not be required for every woman having breast malignancy. Some tumours can be missed during a mammogram; hence, MRI scans are recommended for clear and detailed examination, and MRI cost in Ludhiana is reasonable. 

MRI Process

If you go for an MRI scan of your breast, the process will involve the following steps:

  • Preparation – As MRI machines create a strong magnetic field to get clear images of the body, you will be asked to remove any metal object and change it into a gown. If you have any metal implants or devices in your body, you must inform the staff because they can interfere with the MRI. 
  • Contrast Agent – A gadolinium compound dye will be injected into your veins to increase the visibility of certain tissues and blood vessels.  
  • Positioning – You are required to lie face down. To scan the breasts without compressing them, they are hung into an aperture. A good Diagnostic centre in Ludhiana will provide a padded table to ensure comfort. Also, to prevent you from shifting, extra cushions can be employed. 
  • Scan – As mentioned above, MRI uses strong radio and magnetic waves for detailed scanning and imaging. You will be required to stay still and quiet during the scan.
  • Duration – An MRI scan typically takes 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the type of scan or data required. 
  • Interpretation – Radiologists interpret MRI scans; they study the scan results and provide a detailed report to your healthcare provider. 

When Or Why Is an MRI Scan Required?

  • It is required for women with dense breast tissues as, in such cases, mammography can be less effective.
  • For detecting early breast cancer, which other tests may not have detected, you do not need to worry, as MRI cost in Ludhiana is quite budget-friendly.
  • For detailed examination of breast abnormalities and implants detected during mammography or ultrasound. 
  • They are used for screening patients or individuals who are at high risk due to a family history of cancer or genetic mutations predisposing to breast cancer. 
  • For women who took radiation therapy for the treatment of diseases such as Hodgkin’s disease between the ages of 10 and 30.


MRI scans are used to diagnose and detect problems that may have been invisible or overlooked by other tests such as mammography and ultrasound. However, you do not need to be scared as it is for a clear and detailed examination. An excellent diagnostic centre in Ludhiana will provide detailed MRI reports, which can help you detect the disease in an early stage and get effective treatment on time.

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