A Comprehensive Guide To Get Best Mri Services In Ludhiana

A Comprehensive Guide To Get Best Mri Services In Ludhiana

A step by step guide for where you can get the best MRI done in Ludhiana.

When a patient is suffering from any condition that affects the internal organs of humans or they might have damage done to the soft tissues in their body, medical professionals advise them to get either a CT scan or MRI done.


If you are wanting to get any of these procedures done to you and want to know the MRI cost in Ludhiana, then you should read this blog post.


KALYAN DIAGNOSTICS Ludhiana is famous for procedures like CT scan and MRI. Their team of expert doctors like Dr.Rajinder Singh has cured many patients till today. 


It was established to provide the best medical care at economical prices. They are equipped with the most advanced equipment and use them to get precise diagnoses every time.


At KALYAN DIAGNOSTICS, you can get the best CT Scan Cost in Ludhiana. A large number of patients are treated at the hospital each day successfully. 


MRI uses elements like magnetic fields and also computer-generated radio waves to generate expansive imagery of internal organs and tissues in the human body. 


Images obtained during MRI are vital in understanding the condition of soft tissues, which in turn helps to understand and diagnose conditions like brain tumor, cancerous tumours and other kinds of issues like brain disorders.


KALYAN DIAGNOSTICS provides the best MRI services in Ludhiana. They have a well-trained team of medical professionals who are experts in their fields.


They are an all-encompassing institute that provides all diagnostic facilities under one roof like Ultrasound, Digital X-Ray, Doppler, Digital OPG etc.


They are widely famous for providing accurate, reliable, affordable diagnostic services at minimal costs.


They are open all throughout the day, all days of the week, so you can visit the hospital at any time you require. 


We also provide emergency admission at any time. You can directly come to our hospital without the requirement of a prior booking, this gives the patients a better chance to get admitted in case of a health emergency.


They are also present online. One can visit their official website to get detailed information about the institution and the services they provide. This makes it easier for the patients to be well-versed in the hospital.


At KALYAN DIAGNOSTICS, MRI is performed using state-of-art technology and well-experienced doctors. An MRI machine is a tube-like magnetic machine; when a patient lies down inside the MRI machine, the magnetic field of the machine temporarily aligns itself to the water molecule present in the body of the patient.

Once aligned, the atoms release feeble signals which are used to create cross-sectional imagery of the patient’s body.


It is a non-invasive procedure, meaning it does not require any intentional cuts and cruises to the patient.


Both MRI and CT scans are done differently. While a Ct scan uses X-Ray, MRI depends upon a strong magnetic field to obtain imagery of the internal organs. Mri is usually not the first choice for the diagnosis; MRI is done when a CT scan is not able to detect an issue.



a)Presence of metal- If a patient has any type of metal implants in his/her body, they should let the doctor know about it. A patient with a heart pacemaker should never get an MRI done, it can lead to harmful consequences. 


b)Pregnancy- Although the effect of MRI on an unborn child is still not known, you should tell the doctor if you are pregnant or if you think you might be pregnant.


c)Care for children-  Usually, children are hesitant to go inside the MRI machine, they are given anti-anxiety medications, so if you are concerned, you should tell the doctor.


d)feeling of claustrophobia- Some patients are claustrophobic, they are uncomfortable inside the MRI machine, they should tell the doctor, the doctor might give you medication for anxiety.

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