Why is an MRI scan done? Is it possible for us to read it?

Why is an MRI scan done? Is it possible for us to read it?

Best MRI scan and diagnostic centre in Ludhiana

To treat our problems, we would wish to go to the best diagnostic centre in Ludhiana. The diagnostic centres are better because they can find the root cause of the disease and provide a precise and proper examination of our problems. For appropriate assessment, several tests and scans were conducted. MRI scan is one of the major scans done to know about the issue. 

MRI scans are performed as they help the doctor diagnose the disease faster and also help see the growth in the treatment process. The MRI scan cost in Ludhiana approximately starts from 2,500 INR to 13000 INR. Generally, the doctors are the one who reads the scan reports, but what if you can read the MRI scan reports by yourself? 

So let’s discuss some steps by which you can read your reports by yourself:  

Observation of the images is crucial. 

It is vital to see the image carefully. To exactly know the area in which abnormality is being located. To learn about you should have acknowledged the sequences and plates. Let’s discuss this in other points. 

Always get your information rechecked. 

Before collecting the report, you should check the information properly. Sometimes in labs, the reports get exchanged. It is a crucial step in the process of reading an MRI scan report. 

What are sequences and planes?

Sequences are of two types T1 weighted and T2-weighted. T1 represents the fat tissues, which appear bright, whereas T2 represents both fat and water tissues. It also appears bright. The bones and matter appear black and grey, respectively. 

The important thing to keep in mind while reading the MRI Scan report is that planes should have the right sequence. There are four types of planes: a red dotted line represents the axial plane, the coronal plane has a green dotted line represents the coronal plane, the yellow dotted line is for the sagittal plane, and the oblique plane provides two-dimensional images of ultrasound. All of these planes appear differently. 

You have to see where the abnormality is located.

MRI scans provide you with abnormal signals which help you find the exact position of abnormality, like whether the fatty mass is in your muscle tissue or fat tissue. You have to see the sequences T1 weighted and 12 weighted areas and compare them with each other so they will provide you with the precise location, size, and shape of the abnormality. 

Compare MRI reports with other reports as well.

Once you complete the MRI scan reading, consider comparing the MRI scan report with other test reports as well, like CT scans, blood reports, or ultrasound reports. It will help you make a proper examination of your health if you are undergoing a treatment process. 

Relate the changes in the body with the MRI scan reports.

Changes in the body refer to clinical questions like what are symptoms you are facing, if they are chronic or acute, how much time you are facing them, or if there side effects you got after medications. It will help you understand your condition well, and you will get more clarity about the abnormality.  


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