What Doctors Seek in Your Mammogram Results

What Doctors Seek in Your Mammogram Results

What Doctors Seek in Your Mammogram Results

A radiologist is the person who checks the results of your mammography. Radiologists of the best Diagnostic center in Ludhiana use x-ray images to find out about any hidden illness or problems in your skin.  

While seeing your mammogram reports, doctors analyze them with your old mammogram reports. This helps the radiologist to find out if there is anything new on your mammogram this time or not. If new mammogram reports are similar to the old ones, that means no further tests are needed. 

Radiologist searches for the various kinds of changes in your breasts by mammography, like white spots of calcification, strange masses area, and other symptoms that possibly can be the symptoms of cancer. 


There are mainly two types of calcifications. They may or may not be symptoms of cancer. Cancer signs show as white spots on mammography reports. 


Microcalcification is the result of the deposition of calcium tissues. Which often occurs due to old injuries and aging. In general, these are not related to cancer, and biopsy-like additional treatments are not needed. 

It is common in women and starts deposition after the age of 50. 


Microcalcifications refer to the small calcium element deposition in the breasts. Microcalcifications are a matter of concern, but they may not be the symptoms of cancer. These tiny calcium deposits help doctors to find out about the possibility of cancers. 

Biopsy is not needed for microcalcification. But if doctors find any strange pattern in them, then experts will suggest a biopsy. 


There is a special spot on the breasts for the mass, which looks different from other areas of the breasts. Masses can have different possibilities, such as cysts and noncancer hard tumors. Undoubtedly, it can be a symptom of cancer, too. If anybody notices masses in their breasts, then a Mammography Test in Ludhiana at Kalyan Diagnosis is necessary. 

Suppose the doctor is not sure about the lump. Whether it is a fluid-filled cyst or a solid mass, then they might use a needle to see what’s inside the lump. After fluid removal, if a lump disappears, then it might be the just lump, and no further tests are needed. 

But if a lump has no fluid inside, then it is a matter of cancer, and further tests are necessary. 


Asymmetry on mammogram reports resembles white spots, which is not normal and similar to breast tissue patterns. It had types like focal asymmetry and global asymmetry. 

Asymmetric patterns are not an indication of cancer, but further tests are necessary to find out whether you have cancer or not. 

Breast Density

Mammogram reports tell about breast density. This tells about the shape and firmness of your breast along with fatty tissues in it. If your breasts are labeled as dense, that means your breasts have more fibrous and glandular tissue instead of fatty tissues. 

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