Magnetic resonance imaging.

Magnetic resonance imaging.

MRI machines for knee examination

The different types of tests tell you about the problems that can occur in your body. MRI is a type of scan and stands for Magnetic resonance imaging. MRI is a diagnostic test that can create clear and detailed images of every structure and organ inside the body. MRI uses magnets and radio waves to produce images on a computer. MRI does not use ionizing radiation. Images created by an MRI scan can show organs, bones, muscles and blood vessels. To get a better-quality MRI scan, book an appointment with the diagnostic centre in Ludhiana. 


What is the definition of MRI? 

The majority of people have heard about MRI, which is an abbreviation that stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Radio waves and powerful magnets are used to take the image from the depths of the human body. MRI images give you the correct and proper information about each and everything that is going on inside your body. 


What can you expect during the knee MRI? 

You have to follow the following procedure during the MRI. 

  • Clothing: After reaching the hospital, you have to change your clothes and wear a gown for taking the X-rays.  
  • Remove Metal Items: Before the MRI, you’ll need to remove any metal objects, including jewelry, watches, and hairpins, as they can interfere with the magnetic field.



  • Positioning: You will normally be placed on your back on a movable examination table. A coil, a crucial component of the MRI scanner, will be used to hold the knee that is being photographed.
  • Securing: During the imaging procedure, you may be assisted in remaining still and maintaining the proper posture with the use of straps or cushions.
  • Contrast Agent: To make particular structures more visible, a contrast agent may occasionally be injected into a vein. An MRI of the knee is not always necessary.
  • Machine Noise: There may be loud tapping or knocking noises from the MRI scanner while the scan is being done. Earplugs or headphones may be offered to you to help you cope with the noise.
  • Communication: During the process, you will be able to speak with the MRI technologist, most often via an intercom system. As they lead you through the procedure, they will advise you when to keep still or shift positions.


Types of knee MRI machines. 

Mainly there are three types of MRI machines. 

  • Extremity MRI: This is a diagnostic imaging procedure that uses a closed MRI machine to look at the tissues in the arms and legs. 
  • Open MRI: Open MRI machines also stray from the traditional design of the full-body MRI, which makes some patients feel anxious due to the “closed-in” nature of the machine. An open MRI is open on the sides or features wider openings, still requiring the patient to lie on a sliding table.
  • 3 Tesla MRI: This type of closed MRI uses magnetic fields that have double the strength of a traditional MRI machine, thus producing an even more detailed image in less time.

The diagnostic centre does the MRI with a prescription that is given by a doctor who is well-qualified and experienced. Book an appointment with Kalyan Diagnostics for better-quality scans. It is also one of the best centers for MRI scans and a genuine place for affordable  MRI Cost in Ludhiana.

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